Buy Maša Nobilo a coffee


What is this now?

Some of you know me personally, some through the screen, however what I hope has come across to all of you is the value that I am trying to ripple out into the world.
I create joyful and inspiring movement content and write embodiment-related texts that aim at improving people's daily lives with habit-change techniques, methods of reexamining our behaviours (and replacing them with more useful ones) and bringing attention back into the body through movement.

How can I support? 

You can now support me by "buying me a coffee", for which I will offer you my attention and time, whether you want to talk about the psychology of movement, work briefly on a particular movement or brainstorm something in your life through embodiment techniques.
You can also become a member (check it out in the special tab), with associated perks. 

Also, the perks for "coffee" will change every month, so hit the "Follow" button to stay informed.

What do I get? 

One "coffee" gets you a free recording of a 30-min Awareness Through Movement class. 
Three "coffees" will be rewarded with a 20-min Zoom call on how to improve your movement practice.
Five "coffees" gets you the 20-min Zoom call and a free recording of the 30-min Awareness Through Movement class. 
"Coffees" over 5 get you all the perks of 5 coffees plus and a ticket that will bump you in line into Heaven for supporting creatives and freelancers :) (I pinky swear :))
The monthly membership (look on the special tab) gives you a whole set of special perks which will give you much more value than invested.

All of the income is meant to be reinvested into ongoing education. When I reach 1000€, I will reinvest that money into courses in the field of movement (Feldenkrais Method) and psychology (trauma awareness courses), ultimately making my offer to you more useful. 

You rock, thank you!