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©I.M That girl Inure Muse, artist, poet, creator, modern day hippy. Help support my quest to build, an emotional wellness program to help people, with mental health...xo.

Hello, ©I.M "That girl Muse." I'm a slam poet, artist, public figure and also a medical cannabis enthusiast. I also happen to be an anti-guru and spirit guide, who uses my artwork, poetry, blogging, volunteer work in the community and my writing to help people, like me struggling with neural and cognitive health, work with those challenges through therapy, like, behavioral coaching, coping mechanism skills development and by using art.

Ultimately I'm helping persons struggling with these types of challenges using alternative wellness methods and also by providing one on one chat support. Please help me step up within my community by helping me to achieve my goals by donating an earning "I.M," XP™ All the proceeds go to fund my programs and organizations that support alternative medicine, arts, and cognitive wellness. Check out the links below and  consider supporting such a great cause by donating.