When I first set out to start this podcast, it was married to occupational ministry - being a pastor - working in the church. Yet, money gets icky when you work in the church - more so than outside. Asking for money or raising money always comes with connotations and baggage. So, when I left ministry and continued the podcast I saw an interesting thing happen - I enjoyed it way more and saw even more support than before! It was if God was affirming it on all levels. However, it does cost money to host a podcast on a site and to take time out of my day away from my family to do marketing and promotion and recording.

So that's where financial support comes in - it would help Theology of Music be self-sufficient and for me to give back to my faithful listeners (and potential guests) in a way I'd never be able to before. I hope that you considering joining on my journey to encourage deeper thinkers and better mindsets.