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Have you ever wondered what if the magic found in folktales existed today?  What if a witch lived in a city park?  An enchanted object was found in a garage sale? Or you could bargain with creatures that live in the lake?

We did!   So when the pandemic shut down our live theatre performances, we thought, hey, why not create a fantasy drama podcast? How hard can that be?

We invited five award-winning fantasy writers across Canada to write their first audio drama.  Their challenge: write a play inspired by an international folktale, but set it in the modern world.  And, The Other Path was born.

It has been a two-year labour of love working with 40 theatre professionals to bring these haunting dramas and macabre comedies to life with professional actors and artfully crafted music and sound.

OK … so it turns out, it was harder than we thought.  But, WE LOVE the world of audio dramas.

If you enjoy the series, and would like us to make some more, we hope you will consider supporting our work by becoming a member.


This podcast is produced by Odyssey Theatre, a non-profit, professional theatre in Ottawa, Canada.  Our imaginative, award-winning shows often adapt myth and folktales using masks, movement and music.


Any amount you donate helps and is appreciated! That’s why ALL donors, regardless of amount, become members of our The Other Path family.  And as part of the family, you receive special benefits:

•   Priority registration for two exciting online events:

            o   An Evening with the Artists, where you will meet writers,                             actors and artists. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and                               discover the creative process.

            o   Halloween Haunting, a celebration with folklore-inspired                               games, entertainment, and prizes.

•   Donor-exclusive bonus features:

                o   Video interviews with our five talented writers;

                o   Articles by the writers on the sources of their plays;

                o   Recommendations for further reading, listening and viewing                           to explore the world of folktales

•   Recognition on The Other Path and Odyssey Theatre websites as:

                 o   Spirits        (up to $50)

                 o   Tricksters   ($51-199)

                 o   Gnomes     ($200 +)

•   Regular updates about The Other Path and Odyssey Theatre;

•   An income tax receipt (Canadian donors only).*

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Odyssey theatre is a registered charitable organization (CRA # 11907-1140-RR0001)

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