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Hi! My name is Elena. I'm a niche perfume lover, reviewer&critic. 

You can find me as The Plum Girl on web, Insta, FB or Twitter - sharing quality content about niche/indie/artisan perfumes. 

No review is paid for. It never shall be! 

Perfume fairs&events? I'll be there to give you all possible information. 

Knowledge? I share with you everything that I've learned on various perfume workshops, educations, trips, and on my own after many years of perfume research (and quite a number of perfumes explored thoroughly).

All this, however important to me, is just a part of my everyday life as a marketing consultant, business coach, entrepreneur, friend, wife, and mom. 

So what if I don't sleep till late hours because there's a review I feel I must finish? Well, coffee and inspiration keep me awake! 

You can now buy me a cup of coffee, and keep The Plum Girl growing.

Thanks for your support!  :-*

The Plum Girl

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