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Made an AI to track and analyse every websites, a bit like a web crawler, to find and identify ads. It is a list containing over 1300000 domains used by ads, trackers, miners, malwares, and much more!

It is specifically designed for hosts file, but can also be used with ad-blockers with the ad-blocker "optimized" variant.

We were testing an AI that could show some basic emotions about internet content, and turns out it was very precise at getting “annoyed” by ads and “unsolicited” third party connections…

From that, I forked our own project and tweaked it in a specific way to basically only focus on ads, trackers, etc. and act like a web crawler, turns out to be very effective!

Since I am more old school, the HOSTS file is still my prefered way to deal with name resolutions, thus allocating only a small amount of time for this project as it is not a priority, I decided to go for one method that could be used for all.

The lists can be used on almost anything, but I only show one way due to reasons mentioned above.

Your support is greatly appreciated!!