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Hey 👋 I'm Danilo "Theraloss"!

Currently working on

- 📰 : My blog. I put in there what I discover day-by-day and want to share with all of you;

- 🔐 : Prevent multiple users to access the same simultaneously;

- 📺 : Tools for Twitch Streamers.

📦 Open Source Packages

- Twitch PubSub : Laravel integration with Twitch PubSub Web Sockets;

- Redache : Friendly Redis caching library

- Gocialite : Social OAuth login in Go has never been so easy;

- Filament Memory Tracker : Track the memory usage of your workers and display them in Filament;

- Filament Plausible Widget : Add a fancy Plausible statistics widget to your Filament admin dashboard;

- Laravel FusionAuth JWT : Laravel Auth guard for FusionAuth JWT;

- Laravel Array Destructuring : Powerful array destructuring for Laravel;

- GOsc : Simplify your waste-bytes helper functions;

- Fua : Retrieve or generate a random User Agent in Go;

- Python Rotating Proxy : Example of a rotating proxy crawler in Python.