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Welcome and thanks for stopping by fellow cinephile.

First, we would like to let you know that the show will always be free and we’ll never duck and cover behind a paywall.

Second, while the show is free we would love to make it as amazing as possible for you and that’s where you and your donation come in. Anything we get goes right back into using all the cool services that help make the show stand out, purchase new gear, stream live so you can join us, and anything else we can make happen for your enjoyment

Should you feel so inclined to donate to the programming of the podcast we wanted to make it so you get a little something in return because you’re the reason we gather en masse to debate…..wait

Anyways, to the Tiers!


Small Combo Shout out 1.00

The Debaters will climb on the rooftop of our studio and shout your name out to the heavens in thanks for helping out with our debates.

K, maybe not the rooftops but at the top of the show we will give you credit for help making that episode just a little bit better.

Medium Combo Centerfold 3.00

The Debaters will make your very own profile and put the brakes on everything and shine the spotlight on you life while recording.

Think of it as a movie centerfold but PG-rated. This one-time donation gets you to get one F%^*, what movies you like, what you don't like and what you watched last, and what you thought of it. We love our fans and you should get some credit because without you there’s no point


Large Combo Dedication 5.00

The Debaters will make you a producer for a day. With your help you will be a part of your very own episode.

You pick the idea
You pick the genre/characters/movies we draw from
You create one of the rules we have to abide by
You tell us who you would like to dedicate the show to

Think of yourself as a studio head who gets to give us notes except we all get along in the end and no one gets blamed for the failure of the production