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After the best FP3 for the Mercedes drivers, the qualifying was more open than ever!

Track Evolution

Qualifying Prediction

  • Before the Qualifying, we predicted the cutoff times for both Q1 and Q2.

  • It must be admitted that not having the FP2 information due to Pirelli tyre test gets the prediction more inaccurate.

    • Q1: 1:20.293 (-0.692s)

    • Q1: 1:19.272 (-0.258s)

  • However, it is always important to obtain a lower value that the reality to stay in the safe zone of the cutoff.

Qualifying Results

Ideal Lap

  • VER with the record of S1 and S3 he only struggled in S2 due to the less downforce.

  • A more "relaxed" S2 allows VER to extract all the potential in the last sector.

  • Both MER extracted the maximum. Only +0.003 between them in the best ideal lap!

  • Even though the MER drivers achieved their best lap, they would have stayed behind the Verstappen.

  • Ferrari lost his best performance on one lap, only capable to achieve a P5 and P7.

Top Speed

  • As expected, the Red Bulls and the Williams on top of the speed traps.

  • After testing different configurations (Low/High downforce) the HAAS opted for a less downforce setup

  • LEC and ALO along the AMR the slowest in straight line.

  • Apparently, LEC had an issue with his power unit as he states in this post qualifying interview.

  • Due to the low density due to the height of the Mexico City, the gaps in top speed are smaller than usual since the track is reduced.

Telemetry Analysis: VER vs. RUS

  • Amazing first sector for VER given the high top speed of the Red Bull!

  • RUS get some time in the high speed thanks to the higher downforce setup

  • VER performs better in the last part of the low speed section with a better corner exit to achieve the pole position!

  • Too late on the brakes for VER in T12 losing a lot of time.

Telemetry Analysis: SAI vs. LEC

  • As LEC stated after the qualifying, it seems he had an engine problem during his best Q3 run.

  • He was complying about engine drivability and top speed, which it seems it was real.

  • The EoS top speed compared with SAI is quite large to be in the same car.

  • The top speed before the T4 is not characteristic since it seems that SAI had a better corner exit by sacrificing the entry. However, this part is where SAI gains more advantage.

  • The real problem arises at T12, where his speed was greater at the beginning of the straight and he loses speed compared to his team mate.

  • The problem was sorted before the race.

Telemetry Analysis: RUS vs. HAM

  • HAM lost the P2 in the last part of the track

  • A compromise between corner entry and exit has to be done: HAM late on the brakes in T1, different strategies for the same car!


Weather Evolution

  • Cooler temperatures than Saturday

  • Dry race

  • Wind in the main straight direction at the beginning of the race

Race Results

  • VER won with +15s after a great last stint with the medium tyres.

  • HAM and MER try it, but the strategy did not work this time for them.

  • PER overtook RUS to complete the podium.

  • Bad race start for RUS who was pushed by HAM at exit of T3.

  • Both FER completely disappeared, farther than ever.

  • Two different faces of a coin from RIC respect to the USGP, P7 with 10s penalty!

  • BOT did not take advantage of the good starting position with the strategy.

Lap Chart - Drivers Evolution

  • TSU was the first DNF of the race after the collision with RIC at T7. The latter received 10s penalty for the incident.

  • ALO suffered engine problems that forced him to leave the car at the end of the end straight. He was having a solid pace to pick up some good points in a weekend that ALP was quite off paced.

  • Intense battle in the midfield!

Accumulated Delta Plot

  • Max and Lewis imposed their own pace (1:22.5) to get to the pit window in the range for undercutting/overcutting.

  • HAM could match the VER pace due to tyre management. Same with PER vs. RUS.

  • PER throw an attack to HAM from the distance to undercut him.

  • HAM went long until he was in danger due to PER pace. RUS went longer to have a shorter second stint.

  • HAM could not match the VER pace and have to manage tyres to keep PER behind him.

  • SAI kept the P5 through all the race. LEC struggling to keep his pace.

  • RUS had a free pit stop at the end of the race thanks to the pace difference.

  • ALO kept the pack behind him during the first stint! He left BOT behind at the end of it.

  • ALO engine started when he was in a comfortable P7.

  • RIC went insanely long (44 laps) with the MEDIUM and put the new SOFT to climb up to P7!

  • STR had an early stop because he was struggling with the MEDIUM.

Race Pace per Tyre

  • HARD tyre +0.2s slower than the medium compound.

  • VER consistency with the medium tyre at that pace is amazing!

  • VER +0.2-0.25s faster than PER

  • HAM less than +0.05s in pace than VER, the race was completely open!

  • ALO +0.5s faster than his team mate with the same tyre (HARD)

Hard Tyre

Medium Tyre

Soft Tyre

Tyre Strategy

  • The estimated strategy was somewhere between 1 and 2 stops.

  • Both RB did a good and tyre saving first stint to put the MEDIUM in the second stint to the finish line.

  • The MER were expecting a little greater degradation. This was their only change to win the race!

  • All the medium starters had to go for MEDIUM-HARD

  • All the SOFT starters did only 1 stop (SOFT-MED) except for LAT, all thanks to the low degradation (lower temps)

  • As a conclusion:

    • 1 stop S-M was the best choice due to low degradation

    • 1 stop M-H would have been the best strategy with greater degradation.

    • 2 stops S-M-S or M-S-S could have also worked with greater degradation.

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