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My name's Elaina and I'm the creator of The Rising Spoon. I share easy recipes made with simple ingredients that are inspired by the seasons and my current cravings.

Two of my most popular recipes right now are this creamy one-pot spaghetti (so comforting) and these chicken hummus naan wraps (15-minute meal).

I'm obsessed with soup and could eat it every day. I have quite a few on my site & can't wait to add more. I'm currently loving this spicy Zuppa Toscana soup & this hamburger vegetable soup.

I also love making DIY gifts like homemade vanilla extract or citrus herb salt. You can check out my food gifts round-up for more ideas.

And on occasion, I write about lifestyle topics that inspire me such as self-care, stress, saving money on food, and self-improvement (big fan of the KonMari method).

I made this page for two reasons:

1) To share my Free PDF Printables with the folks who aren't on my newsletter list (they get first dibs on everything). 

2) To give my blog readers & social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter a quick & easy way to support my work.

I've been creating free content for almost 10 years now. I'm a one-woman show and pour tons of time & resources into maintaining my little corner of the internet.

Your support helps cover the costs of recipe ingredients (I test dishes multiple times and food isn't cheap), props, kitchen tools, photography & video equipment, editing software, newsletter services, hosting fees, and more.

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How You Can Show Your Support

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1) Buy Me a Coffee ☕

Want to say thanks? Support my work by buying me a coffee here on this page. This is a quick way to show your appreciation and give a virtual "tip of the hat" with no strings attached.

2) Download one of my FREE PDF Printables from the Extras Tab & enter any amount over zero

These printables are totally free for anyone; however, if you want to download one while also showing your support that's easy to do. Simply enter any amount higher than zero (like $1) before hitting the PAY button.

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If you do any of the above, or if you're just a follower who reads my content and engages with it by liking, commenting, saving & sharing it on social media, thank you so much.

I appreciate you & am eternally grateful for your support.



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