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I'm a geographically-misplaced, Argentine-born, Manhattan-raised, immeasurably neurotic Jewish opera singer living in a remote area of Western Canada. Don't even ask. Thanks to a little virus that's decided to shut down the world, and more specifically, the arts, I find myself without a career, making less than bupkes. Don't worry, I'm still's just that no one is listening. Throughout my life, when little else has made sense, I've cooked. And that's exactly what you'll find me doing now. Cooking, writing, connecting...and making a new kind of art. 

Want to be a mensch and help a semi-starving, out-of-work opera singer keep making kugel? Putting out all of this creative content (blogs, videos, podcasts), takes resources. If I'm entertaining you, even just a little, please consider buying me a matzo ball (or a whole pot of them)!

Penny Sonnenburg-Willis
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I agree with you totally on the eggplant....the only way I liked it was when my mom made some sort of cassarole out of it....of course, I do not have the recipe, but I have a close one with yellow squash. Love reading your stuff...hugs from Florida...I am a fan of your Mom as well, she introduced me to you blog.

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