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The Silent Why Podcast is on a mission to find 101 different types of loss, chatting to those who have been through it, to see if joy and hope can be found in every type of grief.

I'm Claire, one of the hosts, and also a keen writer. I write weekly blogs (including an audio version on our podcast feed) and I've just finished my first novel. Loss and grief just seem to naturally fall at the heart of all I do, and I love educating people about the impact it can have on our day-to-day lives, and sharing stories of those who have found hope and joy despite their loss and grief. 

I have so many dreams and ideas for helping people feel less alone on the grieving journey, but to do most of them I need to make this into a job that is sustainable, which is where you come in.

It's thirsty work, and you know how us Brits love a cup of tea, so if you're blessed by anything I'm doing and want to support me in my future endeavours please consider buying me a tea, or two, or joining my monthly membership and I'll forever love you for it. All support goes towards enabling me to continue to provide the podcast, blogs, social media and website, but it also allows me to dream of more things I can do in the future, and since I don't have any other income it really helps me to pay what it costs to put the podcast out and invest in new ideas. 

You can listen to our podcast via our website or any other podcast player, and find us on social media - The Silent Why Podcast - @thesilentwhypod. 

Thank you!