Dumbledore led us to a weird-looking room with dragon guards and fire, water, air, and earth symbols. Hello, you must know before you go to universe 7393929 that you are not dragon families you are families of the dragon gods meaning you are a lot stronger I opened my mouth to speak but Greegly put powder on us, and the next thing we knew it we were on violet the dragon.


He said something about the dragon guard Cedric said

Yes and look our trunks are here too I said pointing at the dragon's back (very close to where we were sitting) I have a book about the dragon gods a guy gave it to me saying to tell nobody I had it... The book will help!!!

Stop I think this is the page Draco said


Dragon gods are the royal family of all the dragons, The legend is that a group of solid kids and the princes of the dragons will show themselves with her group so that her father and mother (the kings and queens of the dragons) can create an army and help other universes in need.

GUYS!!! let's read it later or it might fall off the dragon Cedric shouted over the wind

So we stopped reading and started to think I knew we were all thinking the same thing... Are we that group? and if yes who is the princes, But just then we felt like we were falling and we landed with a thud on the floor but violet didn't seem to mind because she seemed to be more interested in purple flowers we walked in the woods for a bit until we found a cave we made the cave nice to stay and went to sleep with violet next to us.......