You are a pop tart

You are not my friend

I wanna see your insides 

Put your life to an end

I will destroy you

And every crumby soldier 

Every piece of you

Will know my mighty toaster

I’ll grin a big hello

Before I tear you down

Say goodbye to your family and friends

Before you enter my belly town

I don’t really like you, you pop tarts

But they say you are what you eat

I ate all my self hatred

Now I see pop tarts on my feet 

It starts from the bottom until we are here

With frosting and sprinkles on my skin

My bones are starting to feel weak

I see the pop tarts giving a slight grin 

They are not raising their white flag just yet

The battle has just begun

When you try to mess with pop tarts

Know you ain’t the only one

*a person who hates pop tarts so they eat them all, slowly overtime their skin starts to become pop tart textured, they go get an X-ray of themselves and their bones have started to become pop tart crust, eventually in their pursuit to end pop tarts, it ends their life. sadly, they hated themselves until the end*