I feel like through my work I am being connected to spirit. Like God is moving through me. I am connecting with divine masters and they teach me through my art. There is storytelling all around us, in what we eat, in what we wear, in what passes by us every moment of each day. I feel like I connect to my ancestors this way, they are storytellers of the earth. I feel like we pick up on a lot of this subconsciously and we are influenced by the life around us.

I have connected with my guides in very powerful ways. They speak to me, I hear their voices, I can feel them touch me and move energy and electricity around my body. They share with me powerful visions and insight, they are basically my therapists (even though I really do need a real one) and I receive information through them before I even understand what it means. I have channeled themes and concepts in articles, movies and videos and I somehow find them and it they align perfectly to what I have been channeling, sometimes it's scary accurate. They always predict things for me and share their knowledge and wisdom with me. I have clairaudience, and many other psychic gifts. They are there. These beings are not mythological, they are very much real and I see them sometimes too, this I believe is apart of astral sight. Their energy is potent and all around us.

Everything is connected, the astrals are all around us at all times, not just when we go to bed. But I feel like I am peering into deeper dimensions with my own special eyes. Puddle gazing, it gets deeper. Pay attention to the light, it is information. I find life in light and I feel like my spirit guides embodied, my ancestors move through it and through the earth. Through the fabric of our existence. I call this "The Marching Spirit." I am learning that the light shape shifts and takes many forms. These are riches that I find. Many of my guides are from the Egyptian pantheon, as well as Lucifer and Satan. The world around me is like a storybook full of rich characters and godly beings. I call them Spirit, I call them family. The eye of Horus is everywhere (My guides told me to look at Nas's album cover, you can see eyes all over it - unsure if this was intentional or not but I feel it's important). I feel like I capture this infernal/Egyptian looking eye a lot as well which reminds me of Lucifer, and Lucifer is a God who is connected to each and every one of us. I call this "The All Seeing Eye" or "The Universal Eye."

The gods, my ancestors and guides speak to me through other people, people are constantly funneling information without realizing it. I see the spirit move through them, I can hear it. It’s funny because when I am connecting to Lucifers current in public, everyone reacts a different way, but children are usually the most loving and accepting of him. My guides are hilarious, we love to have fun. They are extremely intelligent, compassionate, loving, but they teach me that light can hurt. Awareness isn't rainbows and butterflies - unless a rainbow crash lands you into heaven. They are extremely tough, this translates into their love as well.

I have so many video ideas, it's infinite - yet I shy away from my potential. It’s like it never stops and I can’t keep up with myself. I get obsessed with recording videos balanced with not spending my time in the right ways. I have struggled with mental health my whole life and have been extremely delusional at points in time. I have experienced psychosis but never went to the hospital for it. Growing up, my dad said he saw God in everything. He pushed this idea on us in outlandish ways. We all thought he was crazy. As I got older, I was diagnosed with bipolar ii disorder but I started to understand him more and thought it was just how he was experiencing his own universe (his subconscious being reflected back to him). The more awareness you develop, the deeper this becomes. I think we tend to get caught in delusions that muddies spiritual truths hidden underneath the fractures in our own minds. Your belief is extremely important. What you believe to be true shapes your reality.

I see patterns all around me, I see faces, rabbits and beings and it feels like this is consciousness being built or molded in the life around us. It is infinite. I see life taking form in the cracks of our words, between paragraphs I see intelligence embodied in faces. Sometimes I see trees, pastures, beings meditating. I call a lot of my work “peering.” Because I dive deeper into the hidden life around us. This causes me to question, are these different dimensions I am peering into? Sometimes it feels like I'm staring into heaven. Crouched down on my bathroom floor, I get lost in the reflections and I enter the celestial gates. This is a pure place and it's right in front of me, I just had to look. I had to get real close. I am finding infinite life all around me that keeps splitting off into new stories - it never ends - and the beauty is forever. If you believe in the fae, maybe the earth is their embodiment. As well as the gods, our ancestors, and different mythological creatures. Even made up ones. Whose to say there isn’t hidden magical worlds all around us? That these beings aren’t hiding in everything we see? It reminds me of the movie, The Labyrinth, where there are all of these puppets living in the walls and they basically blend into the life around them, stacked heads. I used to watch that movie so much growing up. Everything I am capturing is vibration, frequency. I receive beautiful visions that reflect my work and I feel it keeps going deeper, like stairways, portals, ladders, it's never-ending. Pay attention to the small things, to the bigger picture, to the patterns, to the feelings and sensations. It all matters.