Over the holiday season I had every intention of getting in the workshop and batching-out products, working on new items and sorting-out some shop infrastructure.

What I've actually done, is find excuses to stay in the warm and drink tea! 😂

See, my shop is a wonderful place, that I enjoy spending time in. I love making, building, tinkering - I love it all, but when the temperature plummets, so does my mental health and along with it, productivity. The shop becomes a miserable, miserable place to be - paint and glue doesn't dry, you can't pick things up because you can't feel your fingers, and your safety glasses constantly steam-up - rendering them not-that-safe.

So I'm trying to find ways of making products (and hopefully income) that I can do inside and will have the potential to earn a few extra pennies so I can insulate and add heating to my workshop.

There's a whole host of other things that are on the ToDo List for the shop, but if I can make it a pleasant place to be, then hopefully the rest will fall into place.

Keep warm, stay safe and keep the tea hot!

Toby. xx