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Hi, I make SneakyArt.

SneakyArt began as a way to learn to draw. But as I started to really look, I started finding SneakyArt everywhere. I am an accidental artist finding accidental art in his world.

I share my work in the form of my drawings, the SneakyArt podcast and the newsletter.

Also I'm making a book!

Your support enables me to continue working as an independent artist, writer and podcaster. Doing things by yourself is a strange business. You never really know how well you're doing, but you know exactly how badly you're doing.

That's where this page comes in. Buy me a coffee, it's the best way for me to know I'm doing a good job. Also check out the cool stuff I throw at this page every week.

I think of this place as a lab, a play-ground of ideas.

And you get to play the role of focus group. Especially if you sign up to become a member. Buy me a couple of cups every month, and get special privileges like print giveaways, exclusive workshops, and podcast bonus commentaries. I come up with new ideas all the time. I literally had one writing this just now. Next month's gonna be great.

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