Mar 06, 2022

New Goal: "Bard College of Law" Homebrew D&D Class Artwork

Hello, everyone! I have a new fundraising goal!As many of you know, I have an page where I will be selling digital copies of all of my homebrew TTRPG content! My first project (that I'm actually about 60% done with atm) is something that I've posted about on Twitter before: Bardic College of Law!Inspired by characters like Phoenix Wright, Elle Woods, Billy Flynn, & Miles Edgeworth- this homebrew D&D bardic college will let you play a... more

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Jan 03, 2022

New Year, New Update!
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Dec 06, 2021

Various December Updates!
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Nov 14, 2021

Upcoming Content Announcements!

Nov 12, 2021

TONIGHT: PowerPoint Palooza Live Stream

Nov 06, 2021

New Personal Twitch Channel! @CasperOliver

Howdy, y'all! I now officially have a personal, non-Thesperience Twitch channel! I'll be doing video game let's plays, just chatting streams, and more! I'm so stoked to be doing this! <3 Be sure to give me a follow!

Nexilis: Lotus House Q&A Stream TONIGHT!
Got First Sponsor for "Nexilis Games"!
New Perk: Helping Me Pick Cosplays!
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