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Our world needs strong women like it needs strong coffee! However, with her living in 'man's world', there is some serious dilution going on. This podcast-community is on a mission to change that by concentrating on her story...

Okay, enough coffee talk.

This is a one-woman operation - hosting and producing the episodes, running the social media, keeping the website up, all of it! So if you want to help spread her story - to strengthen not just her, but all people - buy me a coffee?

No, I won't be using the money to feed my caffeine addiction, but I will be using it to help cover production costs, such as recording software, editing tools, podcast hosting services and more. 

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So, thank you, marvellous supporter and fellow storyteller. The world needs more people like you!

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What is The Story of Woman?

The Story of Woman is a podcast-community dedicated to elevating 'woman' from the footnotes of our story to a lead character, one book at a time. Through author-led interviews, each episode explores a book that illuminates a different part of our world through her lens, providing the context needed to see the full picture and improve the next chapter for everyone.

Not-so-fun fact:

Did you know women earn 40% lower revenue from coffee sales than their male counterparts? Yet another consequence of her omission from the story.