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Jerri bought 5 coffees.

I started reading this right before the pandemic hit.  Thank you for all the uplifting messages!  Much needed!

Valerie Cecilia Lindsay
Valerie Cecilia Lindsay bought a coffee.

I wish I could buy more coffee for everyone.  I live on a small fixed income.  Enjoy a coffee on me.  My favorite beverage!

Valerie Cecilia Lindsay
Valerie Cecilia Lindsay is now a member.

Maria, you and your team and awesome newspapers inspire and truly uplift me. I live alone in Cincinnati, Ohio. Greetings. Thank You for bringing some joy into my not so happy daily life. I suffer from a rare condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome-Dr. Sanjay Gupta would know all about it. Thank You a Million times over.  Really look forward to these newspapers. 

Linda Legault Quinn
Linda Legault Quinn bought 3 coffees.
Someone bought 20 coffees.