Good Morning, Everyone!

Yes, EmComm Tools is still alive. The software re-write is still in-flight and will take quite a bit more time before it's ready for a beta release. However, I have some good news!

Lately, I have been obsessed with packet radio and I am adding first-class support for various applications that use AX.25 under the hood. For example, Winlink over packet is now fully supported.

In terms of other good news, anyone with a Mobilinkd TNC2/3 will be allowed into the beta. I have designed the ultimate light-weight packet station for the field using a Pi, a Mobilinkd TNC and of course—EmComm Tools. There will be a video on the end-to-end build next on the channel.

In order to help with the beta, I am also working on detailed articles on how I personally setup and configure my Pi's for field use. Here's the first article: Offgrid Raspberry Pi Setup.

For those who may have missed it, here's the most recent video. Oh, that reminds me, the FT-2980R is also on the supported beta list.

"Be strong, be safe and be prepared" -- The Tech Prepper KT1RUN