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The Ultimate Manpack

Sep 08, 2022

Good Morning, Friends

As promised, here is early access to my latest video commercial free for 1-day. Check it out if you need one radio to take you through the zombie apocalypse.

Manpack Bag Update

The final prototype of the manpack bag will be finished tomorrow. I still have not seen the final version, but here are some early photos from the design phase.

As a thank you to all the supporters, I will be making an exclusive video for you this weekend covering my first experience with the final prototype.

The first round of bags have already been gobbled up, but if you have donated at least $5 in the past, I am maintaining a backup list. Who knows, I may even see if I can add another 25 units to the initial order. I'll keep you updated on the time line and next steps for the bag.

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