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Newsletter #13

Jul 12, 2021

Happy 1 year anniversary of Unique News! And of course, Happy Wrath! Though for me, the month following Pride this year is going to be Greed. Happy July everyone, I'm still in the process of setting up my Etsy store. I know I wanted it ready before July, but the stars didn't align for that, so here we are. Instead, the Etsy store launch date has been moved, but I'll talk about that more below. I'm also doing Camp Nano, and for some reason, I joined Art Fight. I made this month ridiculously busy for no reason. I am a fool. But let's hop into it.


The tentative launch date is now July 14! A little less than a week from this newsletter! I'm still going to give newsletter readers early day access, meaning I won't be marketing the opening on many places to give you time. The only places that will have knowledge when you do will be Tiktok and Twitch! Twitch because many of the first wave stickers are inspired by my Twitch emotes! Now you can have the emote and the sticker! I thought it was fun.

As I type this newsletter, I still have a few more stickers to design, and I have to decide if I want to make a sticker pack(s), but everything is looking really well for the launch!

I've also started plans and ideas for the next big launch, which will be in September for my birthday. I'm hoping to add sticker sheets of the Beloved Bat Brothers before then, but ahh, we will see what the sticker making gods decide.

The Etsy store is named Unique Lee Created Shop because Unique Lee Created Works is 1 letter too long for Etsy (insert my very annoyed eye roll here). I'm hoping everyone is looking forward to it! And of course, thank you for all the support so far!


As soon as I manage to make a synopsis for it, the Spideypool Zine fic I did will be posted to Ao3. So be on the lookout over there. I'm actually hoping to post it before the weekend hits, but we will see.

In other writing news, another of my Alphabet Date stories from February?? What is time? Has been edited and is ready to post. So look forward to that being also posted before the weekend! I am still working on those stories. They are a current big part of my Camp Nano work this much.

Actually, everything is a part of my Camp work this much. There is a lot to do, but I'm doing my best!


I joined Art Fight! It's a super cool and fun event where you fight other artists by drawing their OCs! It's always enjoyable, and I love to be a part of it. This year I don't expect I'll be fighting too much, but who knows!

Other art for the month includes stickers, some rough studies. And maybe a print. I really want to add postcard size prints to the store before the year ends, but I have neither the paper nor the artwork for that just now. Another thing on my list.

I'm, of course, still working on my Twitch revamp; a new emote was added this month. The 5k Bit reward is a season emote that changes with the weather. It's currently summer which means one of our little bat friend is sweating his butt off. Much the way I am. I'll be designing the rest of the seasons over on Twitch sometime in the next ... sometime this month, probably. I want the designs for those stickers done and ready as well.


Ko-fi and Buy me a coffee both have their respective goals. The money to these goals always helps me with all financials, from bills to savings to sticker shop supplies. I'm still saving for a new office chair, June's bills came to be a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but I'm hopeful.

The tiers for Buy Me A Coffee are now also set up, and the membership tiers for Ko-fi will be set up sometime in the next week. These tiers work the same as the monthly tiers, and it's just for you to pick which site you want to support from. still has all the Adult content because neither Ko-fi or BMAC allow such content on their platform.

There isn't much backlog to either one, and I don't anticipate there being much for another month. Still, if you do support me through any of them, I greatly appreciate it.

I'll also be looking into opening a Sticker Mail club tier where I can sometime in August or September. So be on the lookout for that!

That's everything for this month. Thank you once more for the continued support! Here's hoping for another year of newsletters!

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