The excitement of receiving and sending mail in a carefree, casual fashion is a thing of the past.

Paper envelopes. Bubble mailers. Cardboard boxes... We all have handled outgoing and incoming mail in all its different forms.

What measures can you take in prevention? How long should you wait before sending and opening your happy mail?

No doubt these questions have crossed your mind during the last several months.

Call it what you may: "The Corona Virus", "COVID-19", "the virus", and that slang name," Rona". The invisible, potentially life-threatening virus has affected many.

In this blog we will only cover practical ways and steps you can add to your routine of snail mailing.

Quick, simple, and easy.

After reading articles and consulting with close peers on what they do in their workplaces, I condensed down what measures I personally take and would love to share them with you.

In the beginning of my letter writing adventures during this pandemic, I hoarded all my mail (incoming and outgoing) for an entire 2 weeks before looking at it or sending it out.

I guess you can agree this was a tiny bit extreme 😅 but not at all unnecessary.

With enough research and common answers, I began to lower the days of hoarding the mail.

Other companies and close companions as well as professionals recommend waiting 3 days before opening your mail. Although not mandatory, definitely consider it. Scientists have done research on how long the bacteria of the virus can survive on surfaces. Surprisingly, they have not tested on paper 🤔. On hard surfaces it lasts up to 3 days.

One major factor in helping prevent contamination and promoting protection is cleanliness.

Washing your hands before handling the items you are using and after you are finished looking at the mail you received. I know it's an elementary school lesson, but the length of time washing your hands should at least be 20 seconds. Time to start singing the ABCs and the itsy bitsy spider.

As hard as it is, try to avoid touching or rubbing your eyes and face. Imagine you just finished cutting up hot peppers. That one always works for me haha. Some may know that pain all too well 😜

Another measure is you may also wear gloves when sending your happy mail!

Better safe than sorry! This step is more for showing compassion for yourself, your penpal, and others who are handling the mail. Sadly, there is no knowing all of the potential dangers of others not caring of cleanliness and taking the measures that you will, but at least you know you have done your part.

If you do experience any minor side effects, whether it be allergies, sore throat, etc... Anything that could affect others health in any way, consider postponing writing, putting together, or sending out current mail, until it is completely controlled and your wellness is back to normal.

That is all I have for you. For some it may seem like a lot and others it may be a relief. One thing is for sure, we are all going through this together.

Let us review!

  1. Wait 3 days before opening your mail

  2. Wash your hands regularly

  3. Avoid touching face and eyes

  4. Wear gloves

  5. Postpone snail mailing in any form while showing any symptoms of sickness until you are completely better.

There you have it, Fellow Crafters!

Until next time,

Get Inspired and Get Crafty

Julie @the.upper.planned 💌