Working hard to improve. I have actually been working hard drawing more, however a lot of my work now will never see the light of day. This isn't as bad as it seems. I want to improve so I'm trying new things and not everything is working out. Some of these drawings just are not that good and it's important for me to admit when something is trash and belongs in the trash.

I want to keep pushing and draw a lot more whether or not they all end up out there for the world to see. Not everything I do is a masterpiece. I've posted a lot of art that I don't look back on fondly. That's just the way it is. I don't love every piece like they're my children or pets in this case because I hate kids. They scream a lot and run around and are generally annoying. Let's all just be brave enough to say that children are annoying little pests. You love your own kids, great, doesn't mean that I have too. These are the hard truths. 

Anyway... in other news I'm interested in working towards an Ipad Pro for Procreate so I've added that here as a goal I would like to achieve. I work manly on a wacom intuos, thought about the grandiose wacom cintiq but with space restrictions I thought the Ipad would be a more affordable and less invasive option.

To anyone out there reading this don't feel like you need to tip or send me money for any reason, if you're not in a comfortable position to do so. Always look after yourself. Then look after me because I'm a leech.

I appreciate you, go out there and be that villainous version of yourself you always wanted to be and knock that ice cream out of that kids hands. Probably don't do that, or just don't tell anyone I told you to do it.

Thank you and goodnight,