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Season 8 starting soon... with MAX BROOK ...

Season 8 starting soon... with MAX BROOKS!

Jan 05, 2022

Host Chris Aggett has a favorite book, a book that inspired his own book series. That book is World War Z. The author of that book is Max Brooks. Max is an American actor and NYT best-selling author, son of the legendary Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft! Max has written World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide, Minecraft novels, and most recently, Devolution. A book that has been called 'TRUE TERROR' by the Guardian and 'NAIL CHOMPING SUSPENSE' by Total Film.

In this episode, we talked about the sacrifices Max's mother, Anne, made during her successful career to help Max with his dyslexia. Which on those days was considerably less researched and understood. Max talks about his physical research for Devolution; making weapons and growing food in a garage! This episode is a highlight for host Chris, being released on his birthday to begin season 8! (January 13th at 8pm UK time)

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