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TheWCCS's Wishlist
The WCCS on tour!

Just imagine us making a tour in the UK. Or, even better, a road trip to the US. Not only would it be great recording material, but it would also be incredible to meet up with our listeners and party! 

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Sponsor an author.

If we hit this target then we will use it to help an author out. With cover design and marketing. Every little helps. 

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Podcasting equiptment.

Both Chris has bought equipment since the start. Most things are needing repair or upgrading. This fund would help us start that process. 

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A studio dream.

A garden studio bar is the perfect answer and set up for us WCCS hosts. Up to now, host Chris Aggett has spent 2.5 years pulling his tiny desk back and forth from the bedroom wall. Each time wires tangle, things get knocked over and it is a nightmare. Not to mention the family is kept up! The garden studio would be an incredible asset to the show. 

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