Caring for older family members and friends usually means needing to find information fast. Questions you may need answering could range from 'How does dementia change a person?' through to 'Can we claim benefits?'. You may find you need to know more about the implications of medical conditions, or legal and financial considerations, or how to choose a care home or home help.

At When They Get Older we've compiled a growing directory of organisations and websites where you can go to find out more about a wide range of issues that you may face.

As well as supporting organisations such as AgeUK, we've listed links to those focused on areas such as:

  • specific medical conditions, like heart disease, Parkinsons and diabetes

  • health funding

  • local authority support

  • care home and independent living directories

  • scam protection

  • elder abuse

  • accessible travel

We also point you to services such as 'Behind the headlines', which can help you differentiate between important news and alarmist reporting.

You can find the details on our Directory page.

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