Behind this very long title is a simple tool I created thanks to APIFY to extract the first name, last name, and city of people who sign a petition and choose to make it public.

Because of GDPR, the petition website asks users who want to sign if they wish to display their endorsement publicly or not. So this web scrapper is only able to collect the ones who choose to make it so.

Even if that information is a public matter, they are not yet released as open data (while, in my opinion, they maybe should be). However, it's legally acceptable to use public information from public entities, like those published on their website, for reuse.

So, as a PoC, I wrote this little web crawler on top of a generic web scrapper made available by APIFY and made it open to the public. It features a user-friendly interface that asks you for the petition URL for crawling and lets you export the data in JSON, CSV, Excel, or even create a JSON or CSV API for it.

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