The Art Squirrel

2020 Update

Jan 28, 2020

Hi! If you are new to my page here is a quick introduction.

My name is Christine Garner. I’m a digital painter and Illustrator working on character and story based Illustration projects. The mediums I like to use vary from traditional to digital.

I’ve been practicing digital painting since 2005. I taught myself how to use vector art and make seamless

patterns in 2016 which is a useful tool in my arsenal, and I’ve been learning 3D modelling and sculpting in 3D software (Blender, 3D Coat) since 2018. 

I have also been writing content for a publication I started on Medium called The Art Squirrel since 2016, sharing my experiences and any tips I come across.

I've written lots of new contet for my blog since the last post here so please check that out if you have the time.

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