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Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my website, first of all. That’s great you found it, and I hope you enjoyed the videos!

After lots of people have supported my creative talents over the years with things like Wolf Entertainments, The Lancashire Festival, Santa’s Coming Market, Cirque Du Preston and the whole load of other events I have organised over the years… I have since found myself with little to no support at all within the past year due to the pandemic, I haven’t been able to give the people the entertainment I provide due to the nature of it’s kind.

So here I am, online pretending to be an internet sensation, when in reality, I’m just the same man I was when I was still pushing myself to work hard and create… but online, we have to change and adapt, and sometimes work differently to what we are used too. As a physical creative, I have been faced with the ultimate challenge that I am not an internet creator, nor do I have the 10,000 people following my every social media to generate me even the slightest morsel of income.. In reality, I spend hours each week thinking about how I can improve and become more creative online.

Something I have found rather challenging; with a short attention span and ADHD that takes over my mind, my days and my every move. LITERALLY.

Oh and let’s not forget the series of unfortunate of events that decided to take place after I was made redundant in June…

Broken Metacarpal in Novermber 2020.

But anyway, I have been told that I should have a Patreon account, but i can’t deal with being selective in who views my creative content, as afterall, I am a people’s entertainer, not a viral tiktok sensation.

So, if you would like to be apart of my forever growing abilities, and would like the opportunity to support me for 2021, now is your change.

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You can choose the amount of cups!Every donation counts to support me this year! I will upload a video every month thanking my supporters!

Thank you for taking the time in reading this page, and to everybody who watches my videos, thank you!
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