Generate Random Board & Play Chess with your kids anytime, anywhere.

Chess is a wonderful game to sharpen the mind. However, when young kids learning to play chess with parents at home, they may find it become a bit repetitive after they learned the first few tried-and-trust openings. It's also hard to teach them the kind of careful thinking that is required for improvement. Blunders are plenty!

One day, our colleague Huy Dũng and his son suddenly had an idea to totally randomize the pieces on the board. It sounds silly, but it feels so fresh to play, and extremely fun! Even though the pieces are "random", he always choose to have the starting board that gives him an immediate advantage (such as he can immediately trade a Bishop for a Rook). That childish joy does not last long, though. From there on, each move requires a lot more evaluation and thinking than usual as most pieces are not in their usual places and surprises lurk everywhere.

To make it easier to come up with fresh boards in a "fair" way, we made this app. "Random Chess - Fun Learning". It can also be used as a ready-to-play chess-set that is always available (as you bring your phone with you all-the-time, don't you?

Generating Starting Chess Positions

Press one of the three buttons to generate a starting position for your Chess game. Keep pressing the buttons to have new options until you and your child are satisfied. Here are the rules for three modes:

  • "Standard": Just a standard board of Chess. This option is available in-case you want to play a normal Chess game directly on the device. This is recommended for serious players to want to get good at "real chess"

  • "Chess960": The official kind of random Chess that is recognized by FIDE! In this mode, all the pawns are in standard positions, the other pieces are randomized on the usual row with respect to three rules:

    • The King must be in between the two rooks,

    • Bishops must be in squares of opposite colors, and

    • Black pieces are mirrored from White pieces.

    • => This is the recommended method for serious players who want to strengthen their skills in a fun and fair way.

  • "Random": All the pieces are randomized and pawns can be placed on either the first or second rows! The only two rules are:

    • The King must not be exposed on the front-line and

    • Bishops must be in squares of opposite colors. Black and White starts with totally different different positions most of the time. This is the mode for maximum fun partly because it is slightly unfair. Also the mode that small kids loves the most.

After arriving on a desired position, if you have a real set of Chess board, take it out, put the pieces on the board accordingly and have fun playing. That's the best way for kids to play chess!

But if you don't have  a real Chess set around, you can play directly on the device as well!

Play a Chess game on device directly

Now you can play Chess anywhere, anytime - because I guess that you have your smartphone with you anywhere, anytime, right?

The app specifically optimized for two players games with kids, therefore:

  • There are unlimited Undo!

  • You can move pieces with either Drag-and-Drop or Click-and-Click.

  • Extremely clear indicator and animation of whose turn is this and which piece is chosen for a move.

  • Fun animation when you lose a game. Play a game to see it for yourself.