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Hey! Welcome to my BMC-Page. If you like anything of the stuff I do, you can support me here!

What am I doing?

I'm a dude from Germany who is writing articles about veganism here on BuyMeACoffee and articles about my project I'm currently working on, which is called Canreal - the Hytale MMORPG. 

How old am I?

I'm currently 20 years old.

What will you use the money I donate for?

I will use the money for my projects I'm working on. With your donation I will be able to run the servers and website for Canreal, buy myself equipment like a new camera or a microphone, to improve the quality of my hobbies I share with you and more! I won't enrich myself with your donation! Also, 10% of all your donations to me will go to

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Nice reading :)

Thank you very much! I appreciate that. I hope the article you read was informative! ☺️ 

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€20 of €100 goal reached!

A whole package of tea!