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I'm Dave Maher, a Chicago comedian for over a decade. I create multi-genre one-man shows, and I do standup, act, teach classes, and do voiceover work. I've appeared in/at/on "This American Life," the Edinburgh Fringe, Steppenwolf Theatre, Annoyance Theatre, and The Guardian.

I host a podcast, This Is Your Afterlife, where I ask artists and activists about death, their lives, and the afterlife.

I also publish a weekly newsletter, Hella Immaculate. It features micro-essays, hyper-specific playlists, and little actions to improve the world, plus updates on my work. You can subscribe here.

I set up this page as a way for you to support my work. There are other ways! Buying tickets, taking classes, booking me, and spreading the word if you like what I do are great ones. But if you'd like to make a one-time donation to let me know you're a fan, now you can.

Any questions or thoughts? Hit me up at [email protected].