If you see this post in your feed, can you give me a heart? Please, love?

Hello there! I just wanna share that our instagram shop: aritosatbp has an ongoing sale for all our items on hand. Yes, we are shipping worldwide with minimum order of 3 pairs of earrings. Locally, you can simply checkout through our shopee account.

All items are hand made with purpose and love. We also offer a small business package, you can DM us for inquiries.

This small shop made a way to understand that I can learn a new skill (accessories-making) if I am willing and have an open mind to instructions and criticisms. Every minute devoted in each piece is overwhelming whenever we receive a feedback from our customers. Yes, those little dances comes with every purchase. And of course, a grateful heart.

I hope you can visit our shop or even drop us a follow. Some of our products are these:

and if you're a fan of roses, maybe you can checkout some of our LANY-inspired pairs below:

Thank you for making it here in the end. Comment your page below so I can visit and interact too.

Love, gemmyy.