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Editor. Copywriter. Meme sharer. But most important role of all, Coffee Drinker.

Hello, dear Reader! I'm Jonie, or you can call me Jonisca. I write for a living, sometimes for fun or when I feel like ranting on current issues or life observations. Check out my list of posts on Break The Bull, where I'm honored enough to be accepted as part of the BTB Team and will be writing a lot more on this platform.

I'm also a Copywriter cum Editor for a few different websites, including a baby and parenting blog like Baby Journey and a Buddhist blog called Poh Ern Si.

I hope you enjoy reading my content! And if you find yourself grinning or chuckling to my posts, or simply feel like rewarding this Coffee Drinker to maintain the fuel supply for her writing wit and creativity, click that shiny BUY JONISCA HOMOCOMPLICATUM A COFFEE nao! 

May you be well and happy always, peeps!