What can you expect from being a member of my TKG Club?

I get sent a lot of questions from first-time swinger couples, and those curious about starting in the lifestyle and I wanted to make a video that answers your fears, concerns and questions.

Over in TKG Club, I have many more videos like this, that are exclusively for members, that give advice for single men and single women who are wanting to explore the swinger lifestyle.

I also have videos on how to overcome jealousy, how to talk about starting swinging and where to find swingers!

To get you started, and show you what's in store over on my members only, here is the masterclass I did for first-time swinger couples.

Thanks for watching!


Rosie x

First Time Swingers FAQ Masterclass for Couples.

Starting swinging doesn't have to be scary, let me teach you everything you need to know!