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I'm an Australian engineer, who loves to code up weird and wacky thing for my enjoyment, and yours. Got requests, send them my way!

Hi! I'm an Australian engineer, who likes to make all sorts of jokey and serious stuff. Any support goes directly into hosting & making more!

Most recently:

  • Generative Artistry, a site to help people learn how to make generative art. Every dollar that comes through coffee links for Generative Artistry goes straight back into it, be it new tutorials, podcast translations, to development!

Check out some of my stuff:

Always creating something new, drop me a line!

@daanvanderzwaag bought a coffee.

We love emojiCursor() and will be using it as an easter-egg in a production website for a client. Thanks for all your efforts <3

Riccardo Palombo
Riccardo Palombo bought a coffee.

Grazie per ZenPen!

Margaret Minsky
Margaret Minsky bought a coffee.

Thank you and Ruth for the Colliding Circles Generative Art tutorial!

Someone bought 2 coffees.

Superb GA tutorial! Love it.

🙏🙏🙏 More tutorials coming soon!

@akiramakes bought a coffee.

Zenpen just saved my butt when I was working really hard to get a blog post out. I was so distracted by the millions of extra choices with formatting/pictures/writing on a new topic to me and it was difficult to just write. You eliminated all the fluff perfectly and I was able to get my work done faster and with better quality and focus. Thank you!

Thank you! Truly helps keep all the lights on, and keeps me motivated at the same time :)