90's cursor effects!
I've made a bunch of old school cursor effects and brought them into the modern world! Check them out :D

Jul 24

Texter Updates
I've made a bunch of updates to texter including mobile support, and creating custom text to send

Jun 14

Sites of the Useless Web
I've been emailing out to the creators of the useless web, finding out how they made their creations, and trying to get a little back story. So far have Cat Bounce, Endless Horse & RRRGGGBBB! Check it out here:

Apr 22

Mosquito JS
I created a virtual mosquito. It is very annoying but was fun to create none the less.

Apr 11

Inspiring Online Refresher
I've been busy busy busy rebuilding my online hype blog, Inspiring Online from the ground up. A

Jan 16

I've been prowling through unfinished projects and bumped into this one. Only needed a couple more hours of elbow grease to get out there.   The binary music player counts up in binary, and has notes attached to the individual binary numbers. If the count of that column is set to a `1` the note will play!  You can also customize your own notes for each binary column.  You can check it out here more

Dec 02