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Besides my paid training plans and coaching services, I provide free content that includes free training, monthly running science "nerd alerts", and exercise science articles (which are also recorded as audiobook-style Podcasts, available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc).

My free content is aimed at runners, obstacle course racers (OCR), and fitness newbies, and exists to provide educational tools to help empower you to train smart. More specifically, my articles are intended to make science accessible by providing clarity where perhaps there is media-driven obscurity.

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Great articles Tom, straight to the point and easy to understand, even by an old twat like me, very informative and really well written. See soon

Thanks for more beers old man - I am very glad you enjoy the content! I look forward to a real beer in person one day soon!

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Enjoy. SCUB™

Thanks! "I don't care if you're my son, you're a *** and i'll smash you!"

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Loving your work Yoda 🙌🏼

Cheers Obi-wan!

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