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Follow your repository from Discord

New post ! Check how to create a system for send automaticaly a message embeded on Discord from your GitHub... more

19 August

You are awesome ! 🎉❤️

Thanks to all stargazers of Awesome Web Monetization repository on GitHub. Passed 100 stars ⭐, thank you ! I also thanks all contributors and forkers to this project. ❤️We ❤️ Open Source... more

23 November

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Whois sur Discord

Nouveau petit outil vous permettant de savoir quelques informations en plus concernant un compte Discord. Celui-ci est en lien avec le robot Mr. Robøt.🔎 — more

07 September

Serveur support de Mr. Robøt ! 🙌🏼

Un nouveau serveur Discord fait son apparition pour le support de Mr. Robøt ! Une seule invitation, un simple lien... more

09 August

New project about Web Monetization

Hello all, I published a new repository on GitHub to list awesome links about Web... more

25 May

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Gate v2 is OUT !

Now, all is optimized for a better rendering! You have the same functionalities but with a purer design and easier to use.All information about the new interface here.🔭 See Gate... more

13 May