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Dear word lover, welcome to you!

I love to write, read, publish writers, look at the stars, and dream in the forest. Literature and Nature help me breathe. By the way, I am French!

I've been writing and publishing writers on Medium since 2013 and I've never stopped loving it. I've always written from the heart, never trying to hack the system or please the algorithms.

My love for words and touching stories has allowed me to give birth to Scribe and bring together some of the greatest writers who write on the platform. The publication now has over 17,800 engaged readers and a family of writers with strong ties. You can apply to become a writer for Scribe here.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, the publication invites you to climb onto a cloud to enjoy some sweet reading time. It is there to bring to light texts where the emotion is vivid and unforgettable. Look at what the wonderful Scribe writers have written in 2022:

Scribe 2022 ✨ 100+ Poems and Stories to Wander and be Moved

If you are here, it is surely because you want to take part in the adventure, or at least support it with all your strength. Whether you are a Scribe writer or not, your support will make the publication shine a little brighter and carry its words beyond the oceans and clouds!

If you are considering becoming a paying Medium member, please note that you can get unlimited access to lots of amazing stories for just $5/month. By signing via this ✨ link ✨, I get a small portion of that fee at no additional cost to you. It's also a nice way to support me and the Scribe publication.

As this space develops, I will consider publishing exclusive things there. Keep your eyes open, and share the page with others!

Thank you for your attention, and as I like to write in The Story Box, Scribe's weekly newsletter, don’t forget to wander and be moved! 💛


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