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Rookie Carroca
Rookie Carroca bought 5 coffees.

Still in the fight game!

Still the most lethal Filipino bantamweight in the game. Thanks! 

John Oberst
John Oberst is now a member.

Thank you both for the smiles and occasional guffaws and a chuckle or two.

Thanks very much for the support and the various forms of laughter!

@SkyTwo_ bought 2 coffees.

Have a nice cup of java this holiday week, guys-- unfortunately the plague means you'll have to imagine the overly-familiar-fan part of the equation. Sorry! :(

Thanks very much! Hopefully we can have that slightly awkward interchange in person someday soon.

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Thanks very much!

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Best podcast with Andy Kindler in it this week. 😀