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Hey, I'm Clarissa the host of the Thriving Thru Menopause.

My story mirrors that of millions of women. Like you, I felt unprepared, unsupported, and at times dismissed.

That's why I created this podcast .... as a place of advocacy raising awareness and building a community where you are more empowered to take control of your menopause journey.

Join us each week as we dive into honest conversations on the topics that matter to us in menopause. My mission is to help YOU to tap into and embrace our collective wisdom so you can emerge more POWERFUL, WISER -- not just older -- THRIVING and ready to EMBRACE wholeheartedly the next chapter in your life.

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You can hop over to my website for all the downloads and what's coming next. You can also go to my host website to get exclusive content from me and my guests 

Clarissa Kristjansson

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