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Hey there πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Thumbs Up Finance!

I started this blog and twitter account to help share some of my favourite tips, tricks, referrals, and recommendations to help you save money πŸ’Έ But now it's grown into a whole lot more than that.

We're going down the rabbit hole of decentralized finance (or DeFi), we're assessing the ethics of investing and trying to improve our health, wealth, and everything... ealth πŸ˜‚

This is never gonna be your average personal finance blog πŸ’° I'm not here to tell you to skip your morning coffee or save 90% of your income. But I've made some changes that have saved me money and helped me go from crisis to calm, and I will be more than happy to tell you what works for me and give you actionable tips for how to reduce costs and get rewarded for things you're already going to buy. Around here, we call that powering up your purchases πŸ’ͺ

And if you really want to know more about personal finance, then you should join theΒ Small Fry Investors ClubΒ πŸ€“Β  Ongoing supporters of $8/month or more get access to exclusive personal finance content, including budget talks, my side hustle secrets, investing updates, dividend details, and the regular newsletter roundup! And to top it off, the money you support with, goes directly to my savings, investing, or debt paydown, and I'll provide regular updates on how much progress I have made with your support! πŸ’–

And for those of you who want to learn about the wonderful world of DeFi from Bitcoin to Ethereum and beyond, there's something for you too! πŸ₯³Β  For the same price as the Small Fry Investors Club, you can become a Crypto ClubΒ member. You'll get exclusive crypto content that's educational and entertaining at the same time. You get access to all supporter exclusive content, and your support goes towards purchasing cryptocurrency and doing research around DeFi to write about.

Think of this as a choose your own adventure for fan-supported content πŸ—Ί

Now why am I using Buy Me a Coffee anyway? β˜•οΈ The long answer can be found here, but to paraphrase: this is an ad-free blog, and therefore I have very little way to monetize my work. The majority of the income I can make will come from the support of my fans, memberships, and referrals. And to top it off, I'm committed to only sharing my honest opinions and referring you to products I actually believe in πŸ‘Œ

Now I know not everyone likes to tip/support creators, and I don't expect you to throw your hard-earned money at me just for saving you from ads, but here's an idea: if I can save you some real money (and I am pretty sure I can), would you consider buying me a coffee? πŸ€”

The button to do so is on the main page as well as at the bottom of each post, and any little bit helps πŸ™Œ By the way, supporting me with even one coffee gets you access to exclusive content, because in the words of Dido "Iiiii want to thank you" 🎢

Now if you're still not convinced that it's worth the cash, then there are other ways to support πŸ₯° You can share a blog post via the share button, you can retweet my tweets on twitter, or maybe tell your friends about this cool new blog you discovered. Even just using one of my referral links can help make this project sustainable πŸ™Œ Talk about win-win!

So now you know the idea behind Thumbs Up Finance. Thanks for taking the time to read this and once again, welcome aboard πŸ‘‹

Next stop: the blog! πŸš‚

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