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Changelog WoS 0.4

Mar 15, 2023

BWoS 0.4

New hero for Karakura Team: Ishida Uryuu

New hero skin: Unohana Retsu

New Location: Hell Arean( FFA type of Duel with counting wincondition point)

Overall changes:

Increase damage of anti-bulling base circle from 2.5% to 5%, now circle cannot damage bosses

Gold per minute 50>40+Game minute (example now 50 minute of the game then you get 90 gold)

Fix magic damage to invulnerable units , now this type of damage cant be used against of this type units

Fix "menos" spawn command in multiplayer

Now shields no longer protect from debuffs(exception - Nelliel Cero absorb and Hogyoku magic absorb)

Gold from menos kill scaled: from 1500 to 1500+25x game min

P.S. cannot be higher than 4000 gold , maximum reward at 100 min game from 1 menos, example of reward at 25 min - 1500+ 625 = 2125 gold from 1 menos, it means that if only 1 player in team gain full amount or if it 3 player then each take for 708 gold

Now Almost all transforms no longer cause slow

Each big location now have 6 small hp and mp recovery bottle on it, also first time killing menos can give you one free random item( larger hp/mp bottle or book of knowledge 1 free lvl)

Ivent 2 reward 4 >6 lvl

Ivent 3 reward 6 >8 lvl ,cd 1.5>2 min

ivent 4 reward 8 >10 lvl, cd 2>3 min

Ivent 5 reward 10 > 12 lvl, cd 2.5> 4 min

Ivent 6 reward 12 > 15 lvl,cd 3 min> 5 min

Menos revive time 120>180

Ivent Shop range to activate 1200>375

Added one more enter to dangai in 3 locations , from Dangai loc you will move to one of them in location randomly

Fix nell dissapear if use Hogyoku in default Adult form

Fixed skin nell value

Max resistance 70>65% magic/phys

Gold per minute for each unique ivent complete increase

2 ivent 10>20

3 - 15>30

4 20 - 40

5 25>50

6 30>60


Hichigo Vasto both forms Overload after cast give shield 600+4x str for 4 sec


Kyoraku Katen Kyokotsu passive fix damage and now has a minimum damage tresshold 90 point

Kyoraku 2/3 forms G cd 6>1 sec

Kyoraku Bankai R Pure>Magick damage 800+3.5x allstat>900+5x agi and 2.5 x int

Kyoraku Bankai Duration 45>60, no longer block hp regeneration

Kyoraku Bankai W damage changed to 0.5x target str each sec

Kyoraku Bankai E now start damage when Manapool lower than 50% , damage set to 1x kyoraku agility

Kyoraku all forms delete stun from counterattacks also added 2.5 sec effect when he gain buff


Unohana now have a same cooldown to Kaido in all forms

Kaido cooldown 40>70 sec

Unohana New quests

Kido mastery1 +125 dmg for Q1/Q2/Q3 at 120 lvl

Kido mastery2 +200 dmg for R and -3 sec cd for E ability at 140 lv

Kido mastery3 Unohana T heal 1.5x multiplier and 20 stat point at 150 lvl ( quest only for base form)

New evolution to TYBW form with enter to Muken as with Zaraki case


Stark Cero Wolfs increased damage from 1% of max hp target +0.25x int > 50+1.1%+0.25x int

Stark base R replace stun with slow 45% 3 sec also added 400 phys damage, cd 10>13 sec

Stark Base Q CD 15>17 sec

Stark Base E manacost 20>25


Ginjo Shikai E Duration fixed, now it 5 sec instead of 2.2


Yamamoto shikai for Q fixed


Yammy base static bala damage 100>160

Yammy Attacks in morps now can be scaled with Attack damage buff( improves only basic damage)

Yammy Passive now stuck any damage even if it lower than 500, now you can take 5 time 100 damage and gain 1 stuck, earlier there was only need to take at least 500 dmg to gain 1 stuck

Yammy R(bala) base form and Ira form remove slow and stun CD 25>20

Yammy Ira T now gain invulnerability 75%>50% rage , cd T 20>25

Yammy IraRage T(bala) 35>30 cd,remove control from ability

Yammy IraRage W maked debug when someone cancel this ability, there no longer stucked effects

Yammy Fix Sonido sound

Yammy Q rage max stuck reduced from 25>to 10, str per stuck 4>5

Yammy Base T shield absorb 800+3x str>800+1x str, cd 27.5>30

Yammy Add cast time to morph abilities include hogyoku 0.5 sec , earlier it was 0.1,

Yammy Ira rage/Hogyoku A cd 3>5 sec

Yammy Ira rage/Hogyoku F duration 3.5>2 sec


Ulquiorra Base T/New Base R remove slow

Cero Oscuras all forms remove slow

Ulquiorra Q base kill creep threshold 50>25%

Ulquiorra Hogyoku T deal physical damage


A little buffed hogyoku aizen forms

Aizen Hogyoku3 atk cd 4/2>5/2.5

Remove all hogyoku forms increased base atk damage

Aizen base form Quest gain 75 lvl reward 15>25 agi

Aizen Captain Kyoka Suigetsu quest max int stuck 40>50

Aizen evol to Hueco Mundo King forms +6 allstats reward added

Aizen Full Hogyoku late form Q and R now deal physical damage

Aizen Muken T1/T2 now in one ability point cast Hado 99 with 1000+6x agi physical damage, and selfcast 1000+6x int magical damage


Grimmjow Hogyoku Q 20>10 cd

Grimmjow Hogyoku R range 2000>2500, aoe 650>800

Grimmjow Hogyoku T slow cast only at start


Ichigo First bankai W now stuning enemy instead slow,remove manacost

Ichigo First Bankai T +300 static damage

Ichigo TYBW bankai E cast time 1>0.5 sec

Ichigo TYBW bankai Q cast time 0.4>0.2 sec


Toshiro Hyaten Hyakaso slow 75>30%


Cd R in all forms 25>20


Omnitsukido form 500>200 hp, +5>+10 armor

Hozukimaru gives 18>10 agi for each trigger, with 2.5>3.5 cd , for 30 sec

Gagaku Kairo active lifesteal 75%>90%

Hogyoku active 4>5 allstat

Gokon Glove now add 0.35 mana regen and 150 magic damage each 7 second

New Item - sandals +40 ms goldcost 400

New Item Kon's body +60 hp for attack and +5 allstat goldcost 500

Hole of Hollow +10 int, same cost

Soul+ changed damage from 250+1.5x mainstat to 300, cd 19>15, cost 2250>2000

Corrosion of the soul added 10 str cost 2000>2500

New Item academy emblem tiear2 +15 int and active nuke ability with 475 dmg cd 25, manacost 10, goldcost 2100

Black belt cd 20>25

Shinten +500>+200 HP

Amulet of Health goldcost 750>600

Charm cost 1000>900

Suzumebachi atk +30>+50, AS+10>+15, active dmg 170+1x agi>250, range 1300>1100

Sokyoku active CD 30>25

Oken hp 1000>700

Hojiki zai 15+0.12x main stat>25+0.15 main stat, also give +20 int , +10 agi

Hisagomaru add 25% chance to silence unit for 0.75 sec

Ryjinjakka damage 1.25x>75+1.6x main

Shinigami sertificate added reduce silence for 1 sec from enemy Reiatsu Boost

Ashisogi Jizo dmg from 1.2(0.6x) agi to 65+0.5x agi

Hozukimaru now trigger on attacks too

Kazeshini +10 str

Quincy Cross aura armor 7>10

Reishukaku +8 armor

Hollowfication 100 atk>2% of max health target( can be reduced by armor)

Hogyoku cost 8.000>13.000

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