I'm a bit crazy. Maybe a bit too much. Like, totally. And craziness lead to unorganization. I have so many ideas: comic strips, comics, illustrations, books and novels, small animations and now, storyboarding. There is no planner or agenda that can keep my pace. Mostly because I still forgetting to use them. I have planners, notebooks -smalls and big, pretty or just a bunch of papers glued together-, softwares... I can use them for a while, maybe a month as much. But then, I got into something that catches my entire attention, and I forgot about writing down what is next. Apps have shown to be helpful because the alarms remind me about other things I should be doing, but at some point they become annoying. I need to keep with what I have at hands at that moment, and turn off the alarms.

I really want to become more organized. There are so many ideas that could be interesting, even for others, but I still need to organize my agenda. And keep it.