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Old pixeling trackering 68K fart

Hey Amiga game fans.. On this page you can support my bad habits, and get me some booze for speeding up finalizing Inviyya in those late night sessions... ;)

ThunderBlade bought 5 beers.

ich werd's in der Amiga Fever mit einem großen Testbericht würdigen... ach Mist 20 Jahre zu spät :)

Mahen bought 3 beers.

Yeah, best genre + best platform :-) BTW, what about a Patreon account ? Cheers !

Thanks for the beer, Mahen... :) I think Patreon is not for me.. ;) I cannot and would not want to guarantee working on Amiga games all the time... 

Falkenhaus bought a beer.

Prost Kollege und schön weiter coden 😁 👍 

*gluck gluck* Danke... :)

Predseda / bought 3 beers.

Keep the good work coming, dude!👌 

Thanks, Predseda.. Hope you like the improved difficulty on the next version of the demo.. Looking forward to your feedback, man! :) Greets, Michael

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Thanks a lot! :)