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Moving Delays

Jan 19, 2022

Hi y'all!

My life has hit a bit of a rocky period; on the 15th my significant other and I broke up & now I am looking to move. This is exceptionally stressful, and it's kind of caught me off guard to some level. My work has slowed because of this, and I've been trying to be very careful to keep how I am feeling separate from my work. This involves more meditations & breathing exercises between readings and sometimes during readings depending. If it begins to feel to me that I am reading for myself or projecting my energy into a reading, I typically delete what I've written and go meditate to help me through those feelings and why I seem to be projecting. It's very important to me that my energy doesn't cross over & contaminate anyone's readings or spellwork.

I've also been taking time to journal, reflect, and take ownership of some things regarding this recent turbulence. It's just been a bit difficult & I would prefer to be cautious regarding energy cross-contamination. If I'm not working on a reading, if my energy is a bit too high strung for that, I tend to work on PDF pages because it helps calm me down and relax me, so there will be some new page sets coming out soon due to this.

Thank y'all for your patience & well wishes, I know a few of my clients have reached out. I tend to self-isolate and shut down if I get a bit overwhelmed emotionally, and so I'm just trying to keep that from happening, but if you notice any silence from my end it's not to do explicitly with y'all. I just also don't want to end up spilling my life story all over someone who never asked for it.

Thanks for understanding!

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