Nov 16, 2022

Shop Rebirth

Well, I think if y'all know me by now, y'all know that social media & contact is where I fall short. Communication is where I fall short, always, and I am always trying to get better at staying updated with folks. That said, I am again sorry for my extended silence. There are still some refunds that I need to complete, I have reopened the shop and the money it generates will help get these finally to the full refund for these remaining clients.For the moment I want to focus on... more

Jul 16, 2022

Overdue Refunds Incoming

Hi y'all, this post has been a very long time coming. I owe several people refunds & with no incoming money from the shop, it was impossible to pay. Couple weeks of job-hunting, and I've gotten a job, and after settling up some debts so I could keep living under a roof, I am about to settle up these refunds with the next paycheck (recieving later this week). Etsy has suspended my account due to this delinquency, rightfully so of course, but because of that I cannot put this... more

Jun 10, 2022

Recent Difficulties (Late April-June 2022)

Hi y'all!As many of you know, I've been going through a divorce and things are coming to a bit of an end, which is very stressful for me. This is delaying a lot of orders. I really can't overstate that things for me have been rough. I keep thinking that I'm pulling out of it and then I get yanked back down (especially with these recent tragedies in TX & OK, USA), and it's just been a very tough struggle. I don't mean to neglect my messages or orders,... more

Apr 27, 2022

April Developments & May Ideas

Hi y'all! Thanks for sticking with me through all this crap, first of all. It's been a pretty difficult last couple weeks & I know a lot of people have been awaiting orders & answers. This is to help with the answers part of that. Let's start with the divorce hearing on April 20th, I was notified about a week in advance about the hearing that was about an 8hour drive away, so, not great. The hearing itself went absolutely awful & we were ordered to... more

Mar 24, 2022

April '22: Price Changes & New Products

Hi y'all! So, as we are all aware, life has been one hell of a ride, it's almost the anniversary of me being served with divorce papers (April 1st, no joke). I have a few changes for the shop that I am slowly rolling out. One of the changes I have already rolled out is the Public Calendar/Schedule, and so far this has proven to be incredibly efficient! I love it! Very happy with it. This post is going to concentrate on some things that are going to be changing with my shop, including... more

Mar 16, 2022

Public Schedule & Four Leaf Fourty

Hi y'all!So I'm rolling out something new that I think will help keep everyone on the same page, it is my Public Google Calendar. How I expect this to work is I will update it on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays with new orders. If orders get shifted around, it will be done on the calendar so people can keep tabs on a live & current ETA. I live with family right now & am sometimes called away from my desk and so I think these live calendar updates of when... more

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